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We Work With Sellers

We work with Sellers who need to sell or want to sell, but do not want to wait six months to market and sell, repair and renovate their home, pay real estate commissions, or wait for an approved buyer.

We Work With Buyers

We work with buyers who we can move into the property quickly. We are not a bank and therefore do not do bank qualifying so there is no tedious loan applications or loan processing delays. We Even FINANCE the homes ourselves!

We Work With Lenders

Once a Buyer is Moved In and Comfortable, we work with them to improve their credit, budget, and any other limiting factors. We then match them with Local Lenders who will settle them into a more conventional Mortgage Product.

Expert Investors Who Meet Your Needs

Susan Taylor

Real Estate Investor, New Accounts at AskAlHow, Personal Assistant to Allan Susoeff

Ted Leung

Residential Real Estate Investor, Tech Wizard at AskAlHow, Shoestring Real Estate, Foreclosure Killers, and Easy Terms Real Estate. Father of two.

Janice Delaney

Affiliate Programs at AskAlHow and Shoestring R.E., Multi-Family and Single Family  Residential Real Estate Investor

Allan Susoeff, Jr.,PE, PhD

Principal Real Estate Investor. Creator of Ask Al How, Shoestring RE, Easy Terms Real Estate, & Foreclosure Killers. Trainer, Mentor, and Business Coach.

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