Foreclosure Laws in the USA By State

Though there are many similarities, the foreclosure process and associated foreclosure law varies from state to state. Foreclosure laws can be complex and much of the differences depend on whether the state uses mortgages or deeds of trust for the purchase of real estate. as a general rule of thumb, states that use mortgages will typically conduct judicial foreclosures, while states that use deeds of trust tend to conduct non-judicial foreclosures. The principal difference between the two is that a Judicial procedure requires court action on a foreclosed home, but a Non-Judical does not.

The table below will give you an idea of which states use mortgages (judicial) or deeds of trust (non-judicial) or both. The table also includes estimated timelines for total foreclosure time, Time from Notice of Trustee Sale to the actual foreclosure and Redemption times where applicable for each state. Note that laws change from time to time and at the time of the writing of this page the information was correct to the best of our knowledge. If you find a discrepancy or anything needing correction PLEASE do not hesitate to let us know by clicking here to Contact Us.

As always, it is best to consult an attorney and check with your local county government to verify this information.

* Redemption Periods marked with an asterisk are for Judical Foreclosures Only.

StateJudicialNon-JudicialTotal Time from NOD, (Days)Timing for NTS, (Days)Redemption Period, (Days)Who Handles NTSComments
Alabama49-7421365TrusteeJudicial Rarely Used
Alaska10565365*TrusteeJudicial Rarely Used
Arizona90+4130-180*TrusteeJudicial Rarely Used
California11721365*TrusteeJudicial Rarely Used
Colorado14560NoneTrusteeJudicial Rarely Used
Connecticut62NACourt DecreeCourtJudicial Only
Delaware170-21060-90NoneSheriffJudicial Only
Florida135NANoneCourtJudicial Only
Georgia3732NoneTrusteeJudicial Rarely Used
Idaho15045365TrusteeTrustee Sale
Illinois300NA90CourtJudicial Only
Indiana261120NoneSheriffJudicial Only
Iowa1603020SheriffTrustee Sale Voluntary
Kansas13021365SheriffJudicial Only
Kentucky147NA365CourtJudicial Only
Louisiana180NANoneSheriffJudicial Only
Maine2403090CourtJudicial Only
Maryland4630Court DecreeCourtJudicial Only
Massachusetts7541NoneCourtJudicial Only
Michigan603030-365SheriffNon-Judicial Only
Minnesota90-1007180SheriffMostly Non-Judicial
Mississippi9030NoneTrusteeMostly Non-Judicial
Missouri6010365TrusteeMostly Non-Judicial
Montana15050NoneTrusteeMostly Trustee Sale
Nebraska142NANoneSheriffJudicial Only
Nevada11680NoneTrusteeMostly Trustee Sale
New Hampshire5924NoneTrusteeNon-Judicial Only
New Jersey270NA10SheriffJudicial Only
New Mexico180NA30-270CourtJudicial Only
New York445NANoneCourtJudicial Only
North Carolina11025NoneSheriffMostly Non-Judicial
North Dakota150NA180-365SheriffJudicial Only
Ohio217NANoneSheriffJudicial Only
Oklahoma186NANoneSheriffJudicial mostly
Oregon15030180TrusteeMostly Trustee Sale
Pennsylvania270NANoneSheriffJudicial Only
Rhode Island6221NoneTrustee Mostly Non-Judicial
South Carolina150NANoneCourtJudicial Only
South Dakota1502330-365SheriffJudicial mostly
Tennessee40-4520-25730Trustee Non-Judicial Only
Texas27NANoneTrustee Mostly Non-Judicial
Utah142NACourt DecreeTrusteeNon-Judicial Only
Vermont95NA180-365CourtJudicial Only
Virginia4514-28NoneTrusteeMostly Trustee Sale
Washington13590NoneTrusteeMostly Trustee Sale
Washington DC4718NoneTrusteeTrustee Sale only
West Virginia60-9030-60NoneTrusteeTrustee Sale only
Wisconsin290NA365SheriffJudicial mostly
Wyoming602590-365SheriffMostly Non-Judicial

Foreclosure Laws & Rules

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