Home In Need of Repair?

The Simple Fact is, if you need to sell your house and it is in need of major or even some minor repairs, chances are MOST people won’t consider buying it.

Repairs left undone on any home are USUALLY a DEAL KILLER

Most lending institutions won’t loan money on properties that are in need of major repair since they make poor collateral. FHA even has SPECIFIC RULES as to what MUST be repaired before they will back a loan.

What’s worse, is the realtors. Some of them will be honest and tell you, THEY CANNOT SELL YOUR HOME. Others, the more unscrupulous type will try to live by the “Greater Fool Theory”. They will list it hoping that they can sneak something by on somebody else who is not paying attention. First of all, Bad Form. But second, Guess who will be left holding the bag in a lawsuit? That’s Right YOU!

This is a DIRECT QUOTE from one of our clients:

Homeownership is causing me crippling anxiety. Not only do I worry about the above costs (and I keep it hidden so I don’t look foolish to my friends and family for buying a house at a higher price when it needs work) but I always worry about what’s to come. Some nights I lay awake for hours worrying about more roof leaks, termites, the AC stopping. I hear pops and cracks and wonder if there is rotting wood inside from a bad leak.


The anxiety is absolutely crippling and starting to affect my happiness. Sometimes I wish to hell I had never bought a house. Even though I know deep down that all homeowners live with these things, it still doesn’t change the fact that I feel so anxious.


Topeka, KS

We buy distressed properties all the time and make the repairs ourselves. We can take an old, ugly, run-down house and make it look like brand new again. Not only do we help you by buying and repairing your house, we help others by providing them with a beautiful home while helping make their neighborhood a better place in which to live.


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