Have you listed your property with NO results?

So You handed it over to a Realtor and they just haven’t been able to sell the house?

Real Estate Can be a Fickle Market

Perhaps they didn’t show the house enough. Maybe they didn’t market your house effectively.  Or it could be that they  simply listed your house at too high a price. Maybe the agent actually brought a few buyers to you, but things just didn’t work out… the offer was too low, the contract fell through or the buyer just couldn’t perform.

Meanwhile, you were stuck with the house and the payments while you waited, waited and WAITED. Finally, out of frustration, you let the listing expire…

Before you re-list your house and continue making mortgage payments, consider selling it to us. Foreclosure Killers specializes in helping people just like you. If your house qualifies, we may buy it on the spot! We don’t want to list your house, we want to OWN it! We won’t waste your time and you can be sure that your house will be sold in record time at a fair price.

Besides, If you sell it to us, you will save about 6% – 7% in REALTOR FEES.


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