Probate Problems?

Probate Issues can wear your down; not to mention taking your Money and Time.

Maybe you’ve inherited a property

or maybe you simply have the responsibility to get rid of it on behalf of the estate. The death of a loved one is tragic enough, but the added burden of dealing with the estate can become almost unbearable.

Probate is the process of proving a last will and testament, via the court system, which means verifying that the will is legal and the deceased person’s intentions are carried out. Probate also occurs when there is no will and the court must decide how to distribute the assets of the deceased’s estate.

For small estates, probate may only take a matter of weeks or months. But if the person owned a home, the probate process for larger estates can take years. Anyone with a valid claim to any assets in the estate may contest the will or file a petition with probate court. This can drag the process out even longer, and YOU are still stuck paying the bills for your loved one who has passed.

Even worse, wills don’t always help you avoid probate. But the terms of the will guide probate, and they can make the process easier for everyone involved.

Perhaps the property needs repairs before it can be sold. Perhaps you have mortgage payments and no one has the money to keep them paid. Whatever the case may be, the probate and selling process can often be confusing, costly and aggravating.

You work through the endless stacks of paper trying to determine how to split the assets between the heirs and how to legally handle everything.

Much of the estate may be easy to dispose of or distribute, but rarely is that the case with real estate holdings. Many times selling the real estate can take months…

Foreclosure Killers wants to help. We can often speed up the selling process by giving you a fast, fair offer that is acceptable to all the heirs so you can settle the estate quickly and get on with your life!

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